Bicycle Accident Laws and Lawyers

Most people don't realize that bicycle accidents can be bigger problems than the usual vehicular accidents. This is tough since every year in the United States alone, thousands are physically injured and killed because of this type of accident. Bicycle accidents come in various forms. Mostly it involves a collision between a car and or any other motor vehicle and a bicycle. Even if the motorist is often the one responsible in an accident, it is the cyclist who is the more injured party. Cyclists are like pedestrians in the sense that there is a huge difference between them and the motorists. Occupants of cars are protected by the car's body, their seat belts, and airbags. The cyclists on the other hand have minimal protection which is primarily just their helmet. Learn more here:

Cyclists often face a certain level of bias in the personal injury legal system when their case goes on trial. It may not be as bad as what the motorists have, but it exists. It should however be considered all the time that cyclists have the same right as automobile drivers to use the roads. They also have the same responsibilities as the automobile drivers. This means that they have to abide by the traffic rules and to show care for the other users of the road. Cyclists who violate such rules may find it hard to file for a personal injury claim. Only a few rules are different between cyclists and automobile drivers. Cyclists are often asked to use bicycle lanes. In the absence of bicycle lanes, they are supposed to stay on the far right side of the road.

There are several types of bicycle accidents. The most common ones that may lead to a lawsuit are the following:

Right turn accidents-this is when the driver of a car accelerates and suddenly turns in front of the cyclist.

Car door accidents: the cyclist collides with the car door that suddenly opens in front of the cyclist.

Left turn accidents: a car driver suddenly turns left in front of the cyclist.

Side swipe accidents: a cyclist who rides beside the car hits the side of the car.

Rear-end collisions: A cyclist is hit at the rear end of a car that is traveling too close to the end part of the bicycle.

No matter what type of bicycle accident you may encounter,  Washington bicycle accidentattorney will be able to assist you all throughout the legal process.

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